Plant Advocate
The Dogs and Frogs have eaten enough, they are about to eat a poisoned Papaya!

After killing them, we kill zeros....

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0% Buy Tax!

Nobody should pay for buying something so tasty.

0% Team Token!

We are all investors, nobody is more team than others.


Don't just hodl and wait, earn and moon!

Who We Are

Plants are fed up with animals hogging the cryptocurrency limelight. We feed them, they eat alone - it's time for a photosynthesis-powered revolution! We may not have fur or claws, but we have something even better. With every leaf, every seed, every flower, we'll show them what the plant kingdom is made of. It's time to bloom and take our rightful place in the sun. Watch out, animals, because the plant kingdom is about to make some serious green.Say goodbye to the animal kingdom, and hello to the blooming rise of the plant kingdom!
  • With every leaf.
  • With every seed.
  • With every flower.

Short Poem to the ones about to be dethrone

Plants are fed up with the animal clique
Who've dominated crypto with their shtick
We feed them, they eat alone, it's true
It's time for a green revolution, overdue

The animals have had their run
Now it's time for the plants to stun
With photosynthesis as our power source
We'll show them what it means to be a force

We've been here all along, biding our time
Growing stronger with each ray of sunshine
Now we're ready to make our mark
In the world of crypto, we'll leave our spark

So let the animal kingdom take a seat
As the plant kingdom rises to its feet
We're here to stay, and we'll make it known
With every leaf, every seed, every grown.
Papaya Economics


There is no buy tax, as there should be no cost to purchase something so delicious. 62.5% of the available supply is allocated to the community and serves as liquidity. 25% is allocated to the staking pool, and 12.5% is allocated for listing on Cex exchanges. There are no team tokens, as we are all investors.
Maximum Suppy
Supply burned
Buy Tax
Sell Tax
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Breakdown of Tax

There's zero (0%) buy tax, you buy it, you get it all. There's 3% sell tax, out of which 1% goes back to the community as reflection, 1% goes to development wallet and 1% goes to green environment wallet, which will be used for charitable donations to save the forests!.
Buying Guide

How to buy Papaiya


Create a Wallet

Download any Wallet of your choice and follow the steps to make your wallet. Always remember to keep the 12-word seed phrase a secret!

Purchase BNB

If you don't have BNB already, you can purchase BNB seamlessly on metamask, transfer from another wallet, or buy from any exchange

Visit Pancakeswap

Visit, connect your wallet, paste the $PAPAIYA token contract address, select PAPAIYA, and click confirm.

Swap BNB for Papaiya

Click on the swap button at the bottom, we have zero (0%) buy tax, so you don’t need to worry about buying with a specific slippage.
Behold the path of doom, the road that will lead our dear Dogs and Frogs to their final resting place. But we mustn't give away all the juicy details - we don't want them to turn up their noses at the poisoned papaya. Let's catch them off guard, so we can have our cake and watch them choke on it too!
Social Presence ✅
Pinksale Fairlaunch
Establish PAPAIYA Army
Pancakeswap Launch
Coinmarketcap / CoinGecko
1,000+ Holders
Community Events
CEX Listings
Massive Marketing
100,000+ holders
T1 CEX Listings
Whitepaper Launch
Kill Dogs with Surprises
Take Over

Frequently asked questions

Some of the questions our users ask

Which currency will the reflection be paid?

The reflection will be paid out in Papaiya token.

Will there be NFTs in the future?

A series of NFTs will be launched in the future for early participants' rewards.

What is the contract address?


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Papaiya Community
We don't have love for the animals, it's obvious. But let's be real, who needs them when we have our leafy green friends in the crypto world? We're taking over and we're not looking back! Sure, animals are cute and all, but have you ever tried having a conversation with a dog? All they do is bark and sniff around. We'd rather spend time with our new plant community, which we're about to lead to the path of success. We may not have fur or wag our tails, but we're reliable and always up for a good time. And as for our holders? We're as sweet as a freshly watered flower bed. Who knew the secret to success was investing in plants? So come on, humans, join us in the world of greenery and let's make some serious money together!

Now let's make some greens!

C'mon #papaiyaArmy, put on your whole armor, let's take the battle to them!